GMT Hand and 24-Hour Scale

A GMT hand and a 24-hour scale on a watch are key components that work together to display two different time zones simultaneously. This feature is commonly found in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) watches and dual time watches. Here’s how the GMT hand and 24-hour scale function:

GMT Hand: The GMT hand is an additional hour hand on the watch dial, which is usually designed differently from the regular hour hand for easy identification. It is often a different color or shape. The GMT hand operates independently of the regular hour hand and can be adjusted separately to display the time in a second time zone.

24-Hour Scale: The 24-hour scale is a feature on the watch’s dial, bezel, or inner rotating ring that is marked from 1 to 24, representing a full 24-hour day. Each hour is divided into 60 minutes. This scale allows the wearer to read the time in a second time zone directly, without confusion between AM and PM.

How the GMT Hand and 24-Hour Scale Work Together:

To set the GMT hand to a different time zone, you typically use the watch’s crown or additional pushers. You adjust the GMT hand to point to the desired hour on the 24-hour scale corresponding to the second time zone.

The regular hour and minute hands continue to indicate the local time on the watch’s primary dial.

The GMT hand, on the other hand, moves independently and follows the 24-hour scale. For example, if the regular hour hand points to 3 on the dial (indicating 3:00 AM or PM), the GMT hand can be set to point to 10 on the 24-hour scale, indicating 10:00 in the second time zone.

When reading the time in the second time zone, you simply look at where the GMT hand is pointing on the 24-hour scale. It provides a quick and clear reference for the time in the chosen time zone, and because it’s in 24-hour format, there’s no confusion between day and night.

Benefits of a GMT Hand and 24-Hour Scale:

GMT watches are particularly useful for travelers who frequently cross time zones. By setting the GMT hand to the destination’s time zone, you can easily track both local time and the time at your destination.

The 24-hour scale allows you to distinguish between AM and PM in the second time zone, which can be essential for scheduling and planning.

GMT watches are versatile and can be used in various settings, including business, travel, and everyday wear.

They are also valued by aviation professionals and pilots who often need to coordinate activities across different time zones.

Overall, the GMT hand and 24-hour scale add functionality and convenience to a watch, making it a practical choice for individuals who need to manage multiple time zones simultaneously.